A quick word about speaking engagements

Hello. As well as giving talks at fancy places like the British Museum, the Frontline Club and the Edinburgh Festival, I also speak regularly at schools, universities, charities and other institutions: on Egypt and the Middle East, on the broader politics of protest and resistance, on journalism, or on whatever else people are interested in.

Unfortunately, much to my regret, I can’t normally afford to do this for free. When I agree to appear somewhere I don’t do it half-heartedly, and engagements like this take time and effort – in terms of travel, research and preparation, as well as the event itself. That is time and effort that would otherwise be spent earning some money, money that I need to hang on in there and keep doing what I do.

In the future, when the revolution succeeds and today’s neoliberal dystopia is reduced to ashes, society will find a way of ensuring that hard-pressed, big-hearted writers don’t have to worry about paying the rent. In the meantime though, apart from very rare exceptions, I do need to ask for payment to appear at events, so please bear that in mind if you’re interested in having me along for something (and forgive me if, for whatever reason – scheduling, workload or anything else – I’m not able to help).

For all events enquiries, just drop me an email – see my contact details on the ‘About’ page.