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The corridors of counter-revolution: Sharm el-Sheikh and the international elite

Politicians and tycoons have flocked to pay homage to President Sisi at Egypt's grand investment jamboree - but amid talk of modernity, the reality is violence, privatisation and business as usual

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The Absurdist Circus: Egypt, Sisi and Blair

It has been said that Egypt is where logic comes to die - but from the perspective of Cairo's elites, getting Tony Blair in to shill for the counter-revolution makes perfect sense after all

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Egypt: Beyond the voice of battle

In an arena of guns and certainties, other fault lines fade to darkness. This latest wave of state violence aims at destroying the very conditions of audibility in which revolutionary voices can be heard

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Egypt's revolution continues as grassroots rage against fragmented elite

At least two separate struggles are playing out, between rival elements of the state and between defenders and opponents of the old system

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Egypt's elite may have changed faces, but the revolution continues

The struggle against an authoritarian state that seeks to deny its people genuine empowerment is playing out on streets across the country

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