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The Journalist and the Revolution

For the NYT - A hundred years on from the Russian Revolution, exploring John Reed's 'Ten Days That Shook The World' on the banks of the Nile

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Egypt guilty of kidnap, torture and abuse, says former detainee

Human rights lawyer Tarek Hussein tells of his experiences inside Egypt's security apparatus after being snatched and unlawfully incarcerated for five weeks

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Coming Home to the Counter-Revolution

For Granta magazine - A weird relationship with a wondrous city gets weirder still

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Send them to Egypt

When Giulio Regeni was murdered, it had a profound impact on me and others not just because of the shocking injustice, but also because it tore down the illusions of our own defences.

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Egypt's Rickety Dictatorship

For the NYT - Six years after the start of a revolution that sent the Arab world’s most populous nation into turmoil, Sisi's regime sits atop a broken model of power

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